Refund and Cancellation Policy

  • D3 YACHT reserve the right to cancel any bookings made. In the event of a cancellation, no liability shall fall on D3 YACHT. Money paid shall be refunded in full to the named charterer.
  • Cancellations will only occur due to bad weather conditions, mechanical failure and satisfactory upgrade options are available. Coastguard restrictions and enforcement of new laws prohibiting the charter from going ahead are included.
  • Cancellation fee retention policy
    • o 50% of the booking value retained up to 72hrs prior to the charter time and date.
    • o 100% of booking value retained within 72hrs of the booking time and date.
  • Charters WILL NOT commence unless D3 YACHT has been completed with a valid credit card and recognised l.D presented to Captain.
  • D3 YACHT reserves the right to cancel for no compliance on this matter with no refund.
  • The Charterer has the right to cancel free of listed charges above if any of the following occur;
    • o Weather is deemed unsafe or a warning has been issued by the coastguard.
    • o D3 YACHT fail to provide an agreed operation aspect of the charter on the day of the charter.
  • Cancelations must be confirmed by the client prior to the charter time lapsing.

DISTRICT 3 MARINE SERVICES LLC only employs qualified & experienced Captains & crew. They are the technical experts in delivering our charter product in these waters. As with any vessel on the globe, the Captains orders are final & guests should be respectful of that. Instances of anti-social or reckless behavior etc may result in early termination of your charter without any refund.