Yacht Charter and Yacht Maintenance

We are specialized in managing yachts and providing maintenance services. Our specialized team can cater services based on your requirements. Whether you are planning a vacation or looking for a yacht maintenance services, D3 Yacht Charter is your answer.

Dubai D3 Yacht is a team of skilled and passionate people who took an oath to provide the best service for the customers. We manage all the requirements related to a yacht including yacht maintenance and services. A customer usually approach us with different requirements, but whatever it is we commit our maximum to provide them with the best result above their expectation.

Our area of operation


Yacht Charter

Dubai Yacht Rental Services include yacht rental, water tourism, water sports, and scuba diving. Travel through the sea and create ripples of happiness in your minds.


Yacht maintenance

Dubai Yacht Maintenance Services is a hub which has a total knowledge of how to identify and resolve issues related to yacht. Other services include yacht mechanic training and consulting.

Happy Cruising!

Once tagged as castles in the air to explore through the insight of oceans in luxurious cruise ships is realized through us with the elite services which we offer. Immerse yourself in the zone of freshness by experiencing the real feel of cruise through us that cannot be explained by words but can be felt only through the real experience that has been exclusively crafted with us to leave all blissful.

Dubai yacht services are unique cruise ships service providers for those seeking to be distinguished from the rest, as the quality dwelled with us is inimitable. Indulge in real lavishness, ample richness, the ultimate treat for one and all.The cruise ships are crafted with sheer craftsmanship that it gives you a feel of warmth and love inspiring you to progress ahead without any barriers.Our cruises are designed to deliver a calming effect with the drive which we have specially crafted for you. Our commitment to quality and assurance in services aided us unparalleled reputation amongst the cruise ships service providers.We reckon every customer as a partner in the larger perspective. We are functioning as a family and not a mere factory. All of them are given due introductions in their respective field of activities.

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